Global Integration Program

global post-acquisition integration program


project overview

ABB Enterprise Software (AES) is a global software company specializing in enterprise software for asset-intensive industries such as energy, mining and transportation. AES was formed after ABB, the parent company,  merged two of its acquisitions, Ventyx and Mincom. After the acquisitions and merger a multiyear $2M global initiative to integrate AES into ABB was launched in 2012. The program was focused on integrating AES ERP, Salesforce and other systems with ABB. As a project analyst I reported to the global ABB change manager and AES program manager focused on leading change management activities in the U.S. I worked with local project managers to monitor progress of each project and compiled reports for the program manager. I also managed the program Sharepoint document repository and AES time management system during the integration. 

PROJECT results

The program successfully integrated ABB and AES ERP/Salesforce platforms resulting in more efficient business operations.  My contribution to the success of program included consistent and effective tracking of project KPIs and published those metrics in status reports at the program level.  Also compiling all program documentation on a central Sharepoint repository facilitated more effective communication by providing easier access to vital information sharing.  

lessons learned