YouTube Series

youtube series: the fearless factory



In June 2016 I resigned from ABB, Enterprise Software to dedicate a year to began building a business as a professional speaker and author. To begin my professional branding I started a video series on YouTube entitled the Fearless Factory focused on how to overcome fear to achieve personal goals. This series gave me the opportunity to tell my story and give insight into what inspired me to become a speaker and author.  I had no previous experience with recording or editing video, so I decided to use the project management methodology that made me success in my previous position. Researching all aspects of video publishing was the first step.  I became very familiar with the type of recording and lighting equipment required, various editing software packages, green screen setups, publishing platforms (YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram), sound editing and SEO techniques. During the discovery process I also watched existing content for professional speakers and authors to observe the type content that was currently being published. Once I had a clear vision of the final product and develop a detailed scope to achieve it, I created a schedule and determined an appropriate budget to started producing episodes. 


The first episode of the Fearless Factory was published on August 5, 2016 and the first season of the series included 23 episodes. The series has been successful with developing a foundation for my brand as an emerging authority on fearless living and personal development with thousands of views across multiple social media platforms.  


While planning the series, the technical requirements of producing a video series was not considered.  After publishing several videos it became clear a certain level of process power, memory and storage capacity for my MacBook was necessary.  I had to spend over budget to upgrade my MacBook in order to produce the remaining episodes for the series.