M-Enabling Summit

M-enabling technology summit

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G3ict (Global Initiative for Inclusive Information & Communication Technologies) is a United Nations affiliated nonprofit focused on raising awareness and promoting the development of accessible technology for persons with disabilities. The M-Enabling Summit is the organization's annual conference focused on assembling the global community of stakeholders to advance technology for people with disabilities (PWD). The conference brings together disability experts in the areas of legislation, technology and advocacy to share ideas on how to create a more inclusive world for PWD. My role as a project coordinator intern was focused on market research activities to increase conference attendance over the previous year . Those activities included identifying target segments for potential attendees, developing value propositions for each segment, creating promotional materials and leading the email marketing campaign to reach the potential attendees. As a graduate intern I was also responsible for develop business case for accessible technology for PWD highlighting market opportunities and success cases for potential corporate partners.

PROJECT results

The conference had over 3,000 attendees which was a significant increase over the previous year's attendance.  The specific workshops, networking mixers and opening/closing which I assisted in facilitated were well received by the attendees resulting in positive reviews of the event.

lessons learned

While managing the email marketing campaign, I was responsible for distributing promotional materials to a list of over 6,000 subscribers. Certain subscribers received specialized direct communications outside for the regular email blasts, which resulted in better responses and more pre-conference engagement.  Specialized communication was definitely more effective than mass email blasts and addressed the specific benefits of the conference for individual attendees.