IT Infrastructure & Security

it infrastructure & security


project overview

The IT Infrastructure and Security project was initiated with the object of streamlining and securing the ABB Enterprise Software's IT network. This $1.5M multiyear project was initiated in October 2014 and I took over as project manager during the execution phase in March 2015 to lead the infrastructure team, global security team and collaborate with global IT governance stakeholders to complete the project. The project execution took place in various stages entailing performing an audit the global network to determine the number of IT systems, asses the present cost of maintaining the network, removing unused systems, scanning the systems for security vulnerabilities and developing an automated patching process to maintain security.


The project was successful in several areas including reducing the number of underutilized systems resulting in a 20% decrease in IT operational cost and securing the network through new maintenance agreements and developing an automated patching process.  Providing an adequate backup process for the development teams' code repositories. As a software company securing our product was a high priority and improving the overall quality of the network resulting in more reliable preservation of the product source code.


  1. This project required a lot of support and engagement from several departments within the company in order to be successful.  It was initially difficult to gain buy-in from those departments since the project objectives was disruption to their usual method of operating.  In retrospect, getting support from certain executives would've expedited the support from those departments likely resulting in an earlier completion date.
  2. Working effectively with a global team was an integral part successfully completing the project. My team was located in various places across the globe including Switzerland, Mexico,  Australia, and Malaysia.  Planning to accommodate the nuances in communication requirements for teams with such vast geographic and cultural differences couldn't prevented a few mishaps with meeting scheduling as well as formatting project status reports.