Salesforce Enhancement

salesforce enhancement


project overview

The project objective was to create a user-friendly Salesforce interface utilized by the sales team to make order entry more efficient and accurate. I lead this project from initiation to close working closely with the owner of the Salesforce platform and global sales manager. I also worked with the Salesforce technical lead to design and validate all revisions as well as execute end user testing.  This project was executed in several phases over the course of a year in order to deliver a better interface, but to do it gradually so the sales team ability to initiate and close deals was not impeded.  


The interface was successfully revised and the sales team approved and fully adapted to the changes. The project completion was delayed by two weeks due to a scheduling conflict with regular Salesforce system maintenance, but didn't impede the sales team operations.


  1. During the last phase of the enhancement project a scheduling conflict with regular Salesforce maintenance occurred which caused a delay in completing due to resource overallocation.  Even though I was working closely with the Salesforce owner I didn't verify the last phase of the project schedule to confirm the availability of resources.  Better communication would've made the conflict apparent much early, giving me more time to adjust the project schedule accordingly.
  2. The PMO has a standard practice regarding managing projects which can be cumbersome and detailed. At times the sales manager had an issue with a lot seemingly unnecessary steps that I took to complete the project and setting the expectation of at the start of the PMO standards would've prevented the subsequent pushback.