SAP / Salesforce Integration

sap / salesforce integration


project overview

The project objective was to integrate ABB Enterprise Software's SAP and Salesforce systems to increase order entry efficiency and accuracy. The order submission process required double-entry of certain information by the Sales and Finance department which resulted in inefficiency and the risk of inaccuracies. Resolving this issue was one of the main project goals. As the project manager I led the initiation and planning of the project which included identifying key stakeholders and the project team. As a team we defined project scope, deliverables, project schedule and created the project management plan. 


The outcome during my time on the project was sign-off by the project sponsor and buy-in by the main stakeholders. During the course of planning the project, the team identified and documented previously obscure business processes. Documenting these processes highlighted the flow of information between departments and started the development of more synergy within the organization going forward.

lessons learned

At the start of project planning, the team realized that the processes impacted by the project were not fully visible, understood or documented.  The lack of overall comprehension identified two issues which include departments working in silos resulting in minimal communication amongst each other and the need for a central repository for organization processes.